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We've been getting a lot of good feedback on the new site. Based on the feedback, we've already made some changes. Once again (as has been the case with the LQ Wiki and LQ ISO) David has been helping out a ton and I'd like to thank him. It wasn't all that long ago that I did 100% of the coding for LQ. Luckily that's no longer nearly the case. One functional change we've made to the underlying system is that all tags are now case insensitive. We've passed the patches upstearm to Ricardo, to get his take. I can't see a use to having a Linux tag and a linux tag, but maybe I'm missing something. That's one of the great things about Open Source. We used a piece of software and noticed something we didn't like. Not only could we see why it was functioning that way and change the functionality to suit our needs, but we could bounce the idea off the original author and offer it back to him if he's so inclined (or hear why that change may be something we shouldn't be doing in his opinion). Everyone wins.

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