Google and Linux II

A follow up to this post. I'm happy to report that Chris not only responded buy had an open and honest dialog. He pointed out Google's place for Open Source software, which I think most people already know about, but it's good to highlight. Another thing he pointed out was that many of Google's client apps, such as Picasa, came from acquired companies, and that we can't expect them to become cross-platform overnight. I think that's fair. With Google now employing more than a couple Firefox coders, I hope that we can at least get the Google toolbar for FF on all the platforms it runs on. That we be a great start and a sign that Google plans to add support to other apps at some point in the future. Like Doc said, A tall order, but it's a tall company. I couldn't agree more. I'd like to thank both Chris and Doc for taking the time to discuss this.

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