Gnomedex Linux Discussion

It's no secret that I like Firefox (and Mozilla, actually). Every time I talk to Asa, I like it a little more. He gets Open Source and you can tell he really cares about users. He also knows how to market Open Source to a “mainstream” audience. During our chat at the subject of Linux came up and it was with great interest that I listened to his complaints. He's clearly not someone that doesn't like or doesn't get OSS, so I listened closely to his criticisms and took them as constructive. I have to admit that most of the conferences I attend are Linux or Open Source related, so it was good for me to get a different perspective on a lot of things in Seattle. You can read some of Asa's issues here, but he had some other issues that I think are more important. I think sometimes as a community we can end up being a little defensive (mainly because we are often put on the defense by continual FUD) and IMHO it's extremely important to listen when we are getting valid criticisms by people who want to see us succeed. I'll likely be picking Asa's brain for a little while to get a clear understanding and then try to pass a summary on to some people that can actually make a difference. …and that's one of the great things about Linux – it's continually improving and anyone can make a difference. We've come a long long way, but it's important for us to realize that we still have a long way to go. I'm just glad to be able to be part of the fantastic ride.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Heh. I can't leave this one alone (you know I respond to Firefox-related mentions). My friend, John, who's been a diehard IE fan, just admitted in his blog ( ) that he was a firefox convert. He attributed the conversion to me (but I didn't see my affiliate # on his site anywhere!) but I think, as a web developer, he just got smart and wanted to support standards. Whatever works!

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