Gnomedex – Microsoft RSS

The keystone by Dean Hachamovitch of Microsoft is just wrapping up. Once again it's clear that there really are some people at Microsoft that “get it”. We got the first public preview of IE7 here at Gnomedex and RSS integration looks to be very tightly integrated into Longhorn. Some great ideas on the horizon here and I look forward to some of them making there way into my Linux desktop. Dean seemed to be a bit defensive in his talk though. Someone asked why Microsoft was once again doing their own thing and not getting input from the community and working with the community. The question wasn't answered at all. Later on, someone commented that this really seems like good old “embrace and extend” lite. That also wasn't really addressed fully. It's clear that Microsoft is changing (for the better) and kudos to them for releasing this under CC by-sa, but it seems that the change is still happening on an individual level and not yet a company level. More information about what was talked about here should be available here at about noon Gnomedex time.

Update: Here's the noon update.

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