An interview with Linus Torvalds

Good Morning Silicon Valley has an interesting interview with Linus. The interview is mostly about what Linus thinks of Microsoft and the future of proprietary software models. Linus brings up some good points. Unlike what some people think, Microsoft is not going anywhere any time soon. Nor will they be irrelevant any time soon. They have too much market share, are willing to do almost anything to keep that market share and just as importantly really understand their markets (and how to exploit their dominance in those markets). Linus also says that he doesn't see proprietary vendors going away, just moving up the stack as the lower part commoditizes. Here's a good quote from the article:
I do not believe that anything can “replace” Microsoft in the market that MS is right now. Instead, what I think happens is that markets mature, and as they mature and become commoditized, the kind of dominant player like MS just doesn't happen any more. You don't have another dominant player coming in and taking its place — to find a new dominant player you actually have to start looking at a totally different market altogether.
The interview is definitely worth a read.

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