Former Linux Architect Moves to Microsoft

A little late on this one, but as you have probably heard, Dan Robbins has been hired by Microsoft. One has to wonder if he is a bit bitter. He founded Gentoo and was forced to quite about a year ago for financial reasons. He graciously transfered absolutely everything to a non-profit that he created. The fact that he poured time, energy, blood/sweat/tears and a whole bunch of money into something that he couldn't make work had to hurt a bit. I pour much of the same into LQ and can testify to the fact that making a project financially viable while sticking to your original goals is extremely difficult. Luckily (or maybe nothing to do with luck, I dunno) we have been able to survive so far. Danny is clearly a smart guy that contributed a ton to the community. Surely he'll be missed. I wish him the best wherever he goes (including MSFT), but one does have to wonder how is could have been different. If I have time at some point I'd really like to look into why he wasn't able to make things work. I'd guess there are some valuable lessons there. On a side note, Scoble is having an interesting back and forth discussion about why one would or would not want to work at Microsoft.

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