Free CDs Spread Open Source in India

Good to see that the Indian government is distributing free CDs that contain localized versions of popular open-source applications. From the article:

The government has started distributing CDs containing Tamil-language versions of various open-source applications, including the Firefox browser, the productivity suite and the Columba e-mail client. It plans to freely distribute 3.5 million copies of the CD to Tamil speakers worldwide

Eventually, the government plans to release CDs in all of the 22 official languages of India. The great thing here from my point of view is that “cost” does not seem to be the main driver for this decision. The ability to modify the code, in this case to do UI changes to suit a different culture and do localizations, was the deciding factor here. The fact that we are seeing more and more Open Source adoption for reasons besides “it's cheaper”, to me means that many Open Source apps are indeed ready for prime time adoption.

One Response to Free CDs Spread Open Source in India

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hear hear! Now we're getting somewhere!

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