An OpenLDAP Followup

After this post I received some feedback and also noticed this post asking why I though Red Hat was dropping support for OpenLDAP. From a session I attended at FedoraCON, that was the idea I got. Looking into it further, it seems this is untrue and that Red Hat will likely be supporting both. I apologize. I think supporting both is probably best anyway – choice is always good. The linked post also makes a good point, and one that I actually meant to mention last time but didn't (while I didn't read all 62 pages, I did read the page referenced). Comparing AD and OpenLDAP really isn't fair – AD is a purpose-built system that is a native User Management mechanism in win2003. Much effort has gone into that integration. OpenLDAP is not a native User Management mechanism in RHEL, nor has much effort gone into any integration. Additionally, OpenLDAP is a full featured LDAP implementation that in the end in infinitely more flexible than AD. I think this brings out one of the great things about the blogosphere. We can have frank and honest discussions about things and learn from one another.

One Response to An OpenLDAP Followup

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, great reply! And thanks for adding to the conversation and, yes, this is the way we share valuable information and work together to get it right.

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