Would Microsoft buy Red Hat?

To answer Doc's questions – No, I don't think Microsoft would buy Red Hat. There are just too many obstacles. The potential anti-trust issues involved would be one (Microsoft already has a near OS monopoly and then buys the leader in the Linux market? The deal might not even be approved). Next are the culture issues. How much talent would Red Hat lose if this happened? My guess is a lot, as Red Hat has a ton of people who breathe Open Source. Also, how many of Red Hat's clients went with Linux to get away from Microsoft. Lastly, the damage this would do to the ego's of some high Microsoft execs surely couldn't be tolerated. I can think of a couple more reasons, but in the end, while anything is possible I think this one is HIGHLY unlikely. As I mentioned earlier though, Microsoft has been a bit more open to the competition, and this is a trend I think will continue. Will it go as far as some sort of MSFT/RHAT partnership some day? Only time will tell.

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