Sys-Con Taking Some Heat

…and deservedly so. Seems they may even lose a couple of writers, which says a lot since writers for that mag aren't paid. Why? It's over Maureen O'Gara, who has recently posted an article about Pamela Jones of Groklaw containing home address, phone numbers and a variety of other info. The article also contains some disparaging remarks. Evidentially, for this kind of material, sys-con will pay. Once again it's sad to see that things are written seemingly just to make a story. I'm glad to see that Pamela seems unphased by this. A little while ago I was asked to contribute to LinuxWorld Magazine. I turned the offer down due to time restraints, but had in the back of my mind that I'd submit an article at some point. I'm with the two other authors on this one though, and certainly never will if my article would appear next to content like that.

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