Microsoft Funded Benchmark – Again

I don't know why these benchmarks keep getting publicity. Yes, that claims Windows 2003 is easier to admin that RHEL 3 (which is now a full release old). Yes, it was sponsored by Microsoft. Yes, it's the same company that did the much criticized Samba benchmark. I didn't have time to read the whole thing (it's 62 pages), but almost every page I read contained at least one skewed or outright ridiculous claim. A couple examples:
– The “skilled/prescreened” Linux admins admitted they didn't like writing scripts (these are not real admins then)
– The tape drive selected came with 2003 drivers, but not Linux drivers
– The Linux admins seemed to have no OpenLDAP experience, but it was a required task. The report then goes on the point out that OpenLDAP is confusing and lacks integrated management tools. Indeed it does, which is why Red Hat bought Netscape Directory Server and will be dropping OpenLDAP
You get the idea. The fact that the measured action item here was how long it took a couple of admins to complete a couple of task is almost ludicrous anyway. That is so dependent on individual talent that it doesn't even give you a cursory indication of anything, except how long it took those couple of admins to complete the indicated tasks. Not too useful is it. At this point, I have to think that these funded reports are doing at least as much damage as they are doing good to Microsoft. The education level of consumers is growing at an astounding rate and most are quite sensitive to feeling duped.

2 Responses to Microsoft Funded Benchmark – Again

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ahhh. Another blivet from Veritest. Only a marketing department can love those.
    Two quickies. First, RedHat was quick to confirm that they intend to continue to support both OpenLDAP and the Netscape code .. see the article at
    Second: is it fair to compare a unicycle to an SUV? Active Directory is only good for running Windows Domains (the unicycle) and, oh by the way, supports contact books. OpenLDAP and the other LDAP products are full function directories that CAN do everything Active Directory does and much more. Oh well.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for pointing this out Marty. My response is here:

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