Tiger OSX Compatibility Issues

To me, this article about upgrade problems with Tiger seem a bit played up. Of course there will be some application incompatibility issues. This will be the case with any major operating system upgrade, be it Linux, Windows, Mac OSX or whatever. No enterprise should be upgrading to a .0 release of an OS one week after it came out anyway. If they do, the sys admins either don't know what they are doing, don't like their jobs much or deserve what they get. It should stand to reason that if you are changing OS internals, apps that depend on those internals might act in a unexpected way until the application provider has had a chance to come out with an upgrade that takes the changes into account. To me, that means you should not even be looking at a new OS version until every app you depend on is known to work. After that you still have to verify OS stability and you should really consider waiting until .1 if it hasn't already been released by the time your apps have all reached compliance. Seems like common sense to me – ounce of prevention and all that…

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