LinuxWorld Canada – Day 1

I'm back from day 1 of LinuxWorld Canada. The show definitely has a different feel that the other LinuxWorlds, mostly as a result of the expo floor being shared between LinuxWorld and NetworkWorld. The conference is more “suit” than even the East coast US show and vendors such as Cisco are present, which is not something you'd see normally. The expo is similar in size to LWE UK, which is to say a bit smaller than the US counterparts. Most of the vendors I talked to said that while the show was smaller and therefore had less attendees, the people who did attend where highly qualified. What this means coming from a vendor is that there were a large number of decision makers present – Government attendees seemed to be particularly numerous. As always I had some great disccusions and it's always good to be able to sit down face to face and talk. Just by chance when I sat down to grab a bite to eat I ended up next to Brian Proffitt and had a next chat with him. Seems I may end up a judge at one of the future LinuxWorlds. Next, I'll give my take on some of the sessions I attended. Stay tuned.

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