Mark Cuban on Grokster

As I mentioned in the most recent Podcast, Mark Cuban is helping Grokster in their legal defense against MGM. Grokster losing this case really has the potential to stifle innovation (the case centers around whether a company is responsible if a technology they come up with is used to do something illegal – in this case copyright infringement). It's a bit silly when you actually think about it. Gun makers aren't (usually) sued in gun related deaths and in the technology arena we have the betamax precedent. Seems some large media companies and associations are just lashing out in any direction they can. If they put as much effort into creating better products and keeping up with new technologies, they'd have nothing to worry about. Mark Cuban recently did a short interview with GELF and he's absolutely correct – “software doesn't steal content, people steal content”. There was also recently an interview with EFF legal director Cindy Cohn. The EFF will be representing Grokster in the case. Lastly, you can read what Mark had to say on the topic.

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