Trouble in Paradise?

With having an uncertain future and the development process being called into question, is the project doomed? One really has to hope not. With Firefox being so mainstream, for it to falter would be a huge setback for (whether deserved or not), at least from a mainstream perspective. SO, is it all gloom and doom? The good news is, I don't think so. The project grew fast and they are clearly going through some growing pains, but in the end I think too many people are too dedicated to this succeeding for it to fail. If you're a programmer and are looking to get involved in an Open Source project then SeaMonkey and Firefox are both fantastic candidates (you can view Asa's blog for some additional info on the process). Remember, OSS is about scratching your own itch, and I'd say the need for a non-IE browser is more like a rash than an itch.

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