Shipping Windows Forms Source?

Sparked by this post (which starts “I want to deliver Windows Forms source code to you.“), some people inside Microsoft may want to start sharing source code. Kudos to Shawn I say, but as you may have guessed, it may never happen. One of the supposed reasons? “inappropriate comments”! Now, I've left some doosies around myself, I have to admit, but I'd be hard pressed to consider that a legitimate reason not to release code (even with the netscape are weenies debacle from a couple years ago). If nothing else, the code could surely be scrubbed before release. Sounds more like an excuse really, but at least the issue is now being openly talked about inside MSFT, which is a start. The seeds may just have been planted.

One Response to Shipping Windows Forms Source?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Inappropriate? C'mon, guys! That's lame. Who's really gonna read the code anyhow? Executives? rights groups? NO! Coders read code. They read every pice of code they need to. This means that anything goes. I'm sure that more than half of the source code outt here has “inappropriate” comments in it. Its still read by anyone who needs to read it. It doesn't change the functionality. Of course, its not elegant if its not relevant…

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