Linux Heavyweights Sound Off At Summit

An article about the recent OSDL Linux Summithas been posted. From the article:

“I distrust people with visions,” Linux creator and Open Source Development Lab fellow Linus Torvalds said last week during a keynote at OSDL's Enterprise Linux summit. “When you look ahead at the utopia, that's when you stumble.”

Another item that was stressed at the Summit seems to be that one hurdle that Linux on the desktop is currently facing the the lack of a single UI and integration between apps. This is caused by little (and in some cases no) interaction between groups of developers.
“It's not principally a technical issue,” Kapor said. Rather, it's been a lack of motivation for these groups of developers to create a unified interface for users.
While one of open source's biggest strengths is the ability for different, and at times competing, software-development projects to emerge it also at time causes a lack of cohesion. Andrew Morton suggested “What we should concentrate on is well-defined interfaces and standards so that the projects can work together.” A step in the right direction, and I'm quite sure this is a problem we can eventually work to resolve.

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