Linus Responds on Linux Kernel Security

Linus has responded to the issue I posted about here. Seems he also thinks a single point of contact for kernel security issues is not a bad idea. He also comments on the current policy and the vendor-sec setup. As always, his response is level-headed, sticks to the facts and makes a ton of sense. Linus and his demeanor/attitude has so much to do with the success of Linux that I don't think it can be measured. It's something I don't think many people realize. It wasn't just his coding that got Linux where it is today (after all, he couldn't have coded it all anyway), it was his decisions. Thanks again Linus!

One Response to Linus Responds on Linux Kernel Security

  1. Anonymous says:

    Centralizing security matters seems very sensible to me.
    Sometimes it worries me that Mr. Torvalds is the only person involved with Linux, or indeed Open Source, whose name would be recognized by the average intelligent person who uses a computer. More than once I've had the feeling that Linux might collapse without his continued presence. It's a shaky feeling…. But this is a shaky world.

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