Podcast – 120904

This Podcast includes an audacity update, the announcement of an LQ Show, updated FC3 kernel that works with the iPod, Linux news and Scale 3x.

One Response to Podcast – 120904

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jeremy,
    I've tried to record a skype call and Audacity is doing the same thing to me as I guess its doing to you, namely I can do one or the other but not both. Searched for a workaround but nothing found. I guess you could always run a cable from sound card to another systems sound card? If you want to test Skype without hassling someone else then add echo123 as a user – its a test account that will record something you say then play it back. If you are fluent in Mandarin you could also add Echo – chinese as a user! Sorry I couldn't be more help.

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