The Apache Software Foundation Grows Up

I have to admit that I don't entirely understand the mentality in this article. Entitled “Apache chokes on open-source philosophy”, it seems to insinuate that maturing is synonymous with choking. Brian Behlendorf is right, volunteers don't like to carry pagers. One quote from the article that I find odd, is:
Such a comment is likely to leave commercial competitors in fits of laughter.
I doubt they're laughing – Apache is still eating their lunch. To Brian and the ASF I say kudos. They have gained enough of my trust and respect that I think they will do the right thing. They are setting a precedent here and are once again trailblazers. Someday I hope LQ has to worry about having full-time people. Apache and the ASF have helped change the world. In the process of changing the world they themselves have changed, and now they are adapting.

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