A Few Quick Comments

Haven't blogged in a couple days, but here are a few things that happened:
As a followup to this, here are a couple of comments from Linus on the subject. In summary, his opinion seems to be: So while I may have some niggling concerns with the GPL, they are in the details, and in the end, I actually think that the GPL simply is the best license for the kernel..
The SCO site was defaced twice over the last couple of days. While they are twits (at best), this kind of thing doesn't really hurt them at all and gives them something to point at the Linux community (whether it was someone from that community or not) about. The second crack was fairly subtle and actually easy to miss if you didn't look closely…and it stayed online for a long time. Almost makes you wonder if they did it themselves.
ESR responds to the silly claim that “Sun's Java is developed more in the mode of the bazaar than Linux is”. He explains: Anyone who doesn't like Linus' decisions about Linux can fork the code base, start his own effort, and compete for developer and user attention on a legally equal footing. That is the essence of the bazaar,” Raymond wrote. Raymond then went on to explain that, from where he sits, JCP is anything but open source.

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