More Internet Explorer Fun

Looks like another exploit for IE is in the wild. This one is particularly nasty as it is extremely difficult for anti-virus programs to detect. On a related note, I just got the following email from the folks at Firefox:
Two days after the launch of Firefox 1.0, we're looking at over 2.1 million downloads. We're looking at it–but we can hardly believe it. This is truly unprecedented in the history of Mozilla releases, and quite possibly in the history of open source software. And it's all thanks to your efforts.
Regardless of which OS you prefer, do yourself a favor and download Firefox.


One Response to More Internet Explorer Fun

  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree wholly! The first thing I download after a fresh MSWin install is Firefox, so that I can retreive my antivirus product without IE. i use IE for one thing: WinUpdate. I see others do as well…GOOD!

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