The LQ Radio Interview Series Returns

I’m happy to announce that the LQ Radio Interview has finally returned. I’d like to thank Ilan and Orv of SCALE for being guests on the show. We covered a good amount of ground in 30 minutes. We used Gizmo to do the show and overall I’m happy with the audio quality. I have a few tweaks to make for future shows, but nothing major. More interviews will be on the way soon.

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LQ Radio ogg RSS Feed

A quick update on the LQ Radio ogg RSS feed. From day one we have supported ogg at LQ Radio. In fact, every audio release we've ever done has been released in both mp3 and ogg format. That being said, the RSS feed for podcatchers only offered the enclosure in mp3 format. About two weeks ago we started offering an ogg feed in addition to the mp3 feed. In that two weeks, a full 5% of subscribers have moved over. If you're subscribed to the mp3 feed and are able to use ogg, I'd encourage you to move over to the unencumbered format at your leisure. To clarify, we are committed to supporting both formats long term.
, , , , , is a Sponsor of the Upcoming OSBC

As I announced first on the LQ Podcast, LQ is a sponsor of the upcoming OSBC. The Open Source Business Conference is brought to you by IDG, which also puts on the LinuxWorld Expo. The OSBC is in San Fransisco on Fed 14-15. I haven't bought my plane ticket yet, but I do hope to attend the conference. If any of my blog readers will be going and want to touch base, do drop me a line.
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LQ Radio Interview #4 – Doc Searls

Just interviewed Doc Searls for LQ Radio. Fairly informal, which is one thing I like about LQ radio and overall I think it's an interesting interview. We coved a variety of topics including recent OSCON and LinuxWorld trips, Cluetrain, Google, splogs, RSS, Linux Trademarks and more. More than a couple times the discussion lead into a direction that I had written down in my outline. Total running time is 1:27. Take a listen and let me know what you think.
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LQ Radio Episode #2

Got back on track and recorded another episode of the LQ Radio Show last night. Once again we had some minor Skype problems, but overall I think the audio quality is much improved over episode #1. The moral of the story here though I think is that if we want real quality we are going to have to invest in a hybrid (Doug Kaye told me this already, though). You may notice that the episode ends a bit abruptly. In fact, Skype hung up as we were wrapping up the show. We had a ton to talk about and I wanted to keep the show less than 90 minutes, so you can expect a follow up show real soon now. Thanks goes to dave, john and fin for being on the show. Note that on the show we took LQ Bookmarks out of beta.

Mark Cuban on Podcasting

Mark Cuban has some interesting things to say about Podcasting for business sake. He's a smart guy. What does he know about streaming over the Internet you ask? Well, he did sell to Yahoo! for about 5.7 Billion, so I'd say he knows a little. I'm glad we didn't start the LQ Podcasts with the sole goal of bringing in cash. I'd hate to be looking for a viable revenue model for that (and especially if it was that, in a vacuum). We started it to further the LQ goals – helping people with Open Source and Linux.

Next LQ Radio Show

It looks like the next episode of LQ Radio is a go. Should be myself along with John, Dave and Christian. The delay between the last show and this one was a little longer than I would have liked, but we're back on track now and I am really looking forward to the show. We are going to finalize what we'll be talking about tomorrow, so if there is anything you'd like to see discussed let us know. Thanks for listening (and don't forget about the LQ Podcasts).

Sneak Peak in the Latest LQ Podcast

I just posted the latest Podcast. In it I give the URL to the site I was talking about here. You should listen to the Podcasts ;) Don't worry though, I'll also give the URL here. Inspired by sites such as and, this new site will allow you to not only share, tag and annotate the Linux and Open Source sites you frequent, but see what everyone else is sharing, tagging and annotating. Sort of a random stream of consciousness or instant snapshot of what is important to the community, right now. Thanks goes to Ricardo SIGNES who wrote Rubric, which powers the site. Please keep in mind that the site is beta. Feel free to test away and give as as much feedback as you can. Your feedback will improve the site. Without further ado:
–jeremy Turns Five

Two days ago, officially turned five. It still amazes me how far we have come in five years. For those of you how have spoken to me about LQ, you know that it's far exceeded my original expectations. We currently have almost 180,000 registered members and over 1,700,000 posts. We have participation from 8 of the top 10 most popular distributions. We're trying to build the largest general Linux knowledgebase on the web (all creative commons license for now, also looking into GFDL). LQ ISO has facilitated almost a million downloads. Our Linux Hardware Compatibility List has over 2,500 entries. We even have our own Linux Radio Show and Podcast. The list goes on and on. Additionally, we have a ton in store for the near future – including both adding enhanced features at existing sites and adding new sites. But most importantly despite our huge size we have managed to maintain a friendly open atmosphere that is conducive to both newbies and experts alike. I'd like to thank the terrific mod team and each and every member for that. They are what make LQ.

Cove Gnomedexer

As I mentioned earlier, I'll be attending the upcoming Gnomedex. The main room sold out and since I was a procrastinator, I'll be in the cove. What I'm wondering is, who else is in the cove? Only 30 tickets were made available and some still are available – I hope it's not just me in there ;) This will be my first Gnomedex and it looks like Chris has put together a really great package. I'm looking forward to attending. If you can make it, you should be there. If you haven't registered yet, you can even join me in the cove.


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